How to Appreciate Interpreters

We think Interpreters should be celebrated every single day.  They work across every aspect of Australian society ensuring that no one is excluded due to a language barrier.  May 1st is the International Interpreter Appreciation Day, which got us thinking:  How can we all show appreciation to these everyday heroes? 

We are open to your suggestions, but this is what we came up with: 

  1. Send Personalised Thank-You Notes: Even though it’s traditional, writing a sincere thank-you note to your interpreter can mean a lot. Mentioning their professionalism, dedication, language skills, and how they helped communicate shows appreciation.  Of course, you can always give them a sincere thank you immediately! 
  1. Provide Positive Feedback: Our clients can email to share positive experiences with interpreters. Sharing specific examples of how the interpreter helped communication shows their expertise. We love passing on positive feedback to interpreters, so feel free to contact us anytime! 
  1. Recognise Their Contributions Publicly: Organisations can publicly recognise interpreters’ contributions by featuring their stories or testimonials on social media platforms, company newsletters, or websites. Highlighting the importance of language access and the role of interpreters in breaking down barriers can raise awareness and appreciation for their work.  If they are a LanguageLoop interpreter, be sure to tag us.  
  1. Learn about Working with Interpreters: At LanguageLoop, we offer training to learn what it takes to become a NAATI credentialled Interpreter, and how to work effectively with Interpreters.  Why not contact us to find out how your team can improve communication and reach more of the multicultural community? 
  1. Support Interpreter Well-being: Recognising the demanding nature of interpreting work, the interpreter’s well-being can be supported by ensuring adequate breaks, briefing interpreters before work commences and promoting a supportive work environment.  

By showing appreciation for interpreters on Interpreter Appreciation Day and throughout the year, we can honour the vital role they play in facilitating cross-cultural communication, promoting inclusivity, and ensuring language access.  

Together, let us celebrate the dedication, professionalism, and invaluable contributions of our language heroes who turn words into possibilities every day. 

This blog post is brought to you by LanguageLoop, Australia’s leading language services provider. With our commitment to facilitating communication across diverse Australian society, we turn words into possibilities.  Follow us on social media to learn more.


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