Words that Matter: Multicultural LGBTQIA+ Communities

In celebration of Pride Month, we are thrilled to announce that our team is utilising a portion of our 2023-24 Innovation Fund Grant to provide an additional language translation for the invaluable resource https://www.rainbowterminology.org created and hosted by the translating and interpreting team at RMIT University. We will translate terms into Persian for the website, further expanding its reach and impact.

The Importance of Rainbow Terminology

Rainbow Terminology is an online resource that offers clear definitions and explanations of terms related to the LGBTQIA+ community. It was developed in collaboration with LGBTQIA+ experts, activists, and linguists to ensure that each term is defined with sensitivity and precision while acknowledging the organic evolvement of the terminology.  Currently, terms are available in English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.  This resource fosters understanding, respect, and support for individuals within these communities by providing accurate and comprehensive language.  It’s also a fantastic resource for Language Professionals like our team at LanguageLoop.

Why Persian?

Persian, also known as Farsi, is spoken by millions of people worldwide, including a significant population in Australia. By adding Persian to Rainbow Terminology, we aim to make this essential resource accessible to Persian-speaking communities, helping them navigate and understand important terminology related to LGBTQIA+ issues.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Our Innovation Fund is not just about funding projects; it’s about investing in the future. It’s about supporting projects that drive forward-thinking solutions and contribute to the knowledge and skills of our entire industry. By investing in the translation of Rainbow Terminology into Persian, we are not only extending the resource’s accessibility but also demonstrating our unwavering commitment to leveraging innovation for the greater good. We hope this initiative inspires others to take similar steps towards inclusivity and accessibility.


This project is a testament to the power of collaboration. It is made possible through our ongoing partnership with RMIT University, where their expertise in linguistics and translation studies and our practical experience in professional interpreting services create a powerful synergy. Together, we are working tirelessly to ensure the Persian translation of Rainbow Terminology is accurate and culturally sensitive. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to academic excellence and community support.   

This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the City of Melbourne, the AGMC, and AUSIT, which laid a solid foundation. We appreciate every single contribution that has made this initiative a reality.

The Translation Process

Translating a resource as nuanced and sensitive as Rainbow Terminology requires meticulous attention to detail and cultural considerations. Our team of certified interpreters and translators, proficient in Persian, will work closely with LGBTQIA+ experts and RMIT scholars to ensure that every term is accurately and respectfully translated. This collaboration ensures that the translated content maintains the integrity and intent of the original resource.

Celebrating Pride Month

As we undertake this important project during Pride Month, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the resilience, courage, and contributions of the LGBTQIA+ communities. This month reminds us of the ongoing fight for equality and the importance of creating resources that support and uplift all voices. We are proud to contribute to this effort by expanding the reach of Rainbow Terminology, ensuring that language is no barrier to understanding and acceptance.

Looking Ahead

LanguageLoop always looks for ways to innovate and improve our services. Adding Persian to Rainbow Terminology is just one example of how we use our resources to make a positive difference. We are committed to continuing this journey of inclusivity, breaking down language barriers, and turning words into possibilities for all.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project and other initiatives from LanguageLoop.

Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance or have any questions about our services. Let’s continue to foster understanding and inclusion through effective communication.

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