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Our Leadership Team

Diversity in leadership fosters innovation, collaboration, and understanding, enriching decision-making and reflecting global perspectives.


Emiliano Zucchi

Emiliano is dedicated to leading LanguageLoop towards a future where every voice is heard and understood.

Emiliano brings to the table a rich blend of experience in strategic leadership, coupled with a profound understanding of the complexities of multilingual communication and cultural diversity. His approach to leadership is deeply rooted in the values of Transparency, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Innovation, and Collaboration, which are central to LanguageLoop’s ethos.

Emiliano’s commitment to social responsibility is evident in his dedication to ensuring that speakers with limited English proficiency have equitable access to essential services. His leadership not only drives LanguageLoop’s success but also contributes significantly to building a more inclusive Australian society where language is no barrier to full and equal participation for all.


Leanne Conrad

Leanne, our esteemed Director of Corporate Services at LanguageLoop, embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration in her role.

Leanne has been pivotal in steering our corporate strategies towards inclusive growth. She is passionate about building better communities and global good governance strategy. Her approach to leadership is grounded in transparency and respect, ensuring that all team members feel valued and supported. Under her guidance, LanguageLoop continues to excel in offering tailored language barrier solutions, certified interpreters, and exceptional customer service translation services.



Frans Moens

With an unwavering commitment to enhancing language support in customer care, Frans has revolutionized the way we deliver professional interpreting services.

His expertise in managing real-time customer support ensures seamless communication for our diverse clientele. Frans plays a critical role in maintaining the highest standards for our telephone interpreting services, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every interaction. Under his leadership, our operations in video conference interpreting and onsite interpretation solutions have grown, always staying true to our mission of facilitating equitable participation in a diverse society. Frans’s dedication to cross-cultural communication in customer service embodies our tagline, ‘Turning Words into Possibilities’, making him an invaluable asset to our team and the communities we serve.


Nardia Vescovi-Diss

Nardia is the cornerstone of our workforce’s diversity and inclusivity.

Her unparalleled dedication to fostering a workplace environment that is respectful, transparent, and collaborative has been instrumental in shaping our company culture. With a keen focus on innovation, Nardia has implemented strategies that enhance our workforce’s ability to deliver multilingual customer service and has ensured that our team is equipped to provide the highest level of professional interpreting services.

Our Leadership Team


Selvakumar Arulraj

Selva’s forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with our mission to provide seamless, secure, and accessible language services.

As one of the longest-serving team members, Selva is a visionary of cutting-edge technological solutions. His expertise in state-of-the-art technology has been pivotal in advancing our capabilities in professional interpreting and translation services. Selva is deeply committed to integrating innovative IT solutions and enhancing our interpreting and translating solutions with the latest advancements in digital communication. His dedication to data security is unparalleled, ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality and safety for our sensitive information.


Katarina Fischer

Katarina brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to our translation services.

Her extensive experience in providing localised, certified translations across various sectors, including legal, medical, and technical fields, has greatly contributed to our reputation for excellence. Katarina’s commitment to ensuring that every translation project meets the highest standards of professional services is unmatched. Her leadership is instrumental in managing our team of skilled and NAATI-certified translators. Katarina’s innovative approach to localisation services ensures that all translations are accurate and culturally relevant, thereby enhancing our clients’ cross-cultural communication. Her dedication to our values of transparency, respect, and collaboration has been key in maintaining LanguageLoop’s status as a leader in language services.



John Antonopoulos

John is the driving force behind our expanding partnerships and client base.

With a deep understanding of the importance of multilingual support in a diverse society, John excels in forging meaningful connections with organisations and individuals requiring professional interpreting and translation services. His expertise in bilingual customer support and patient support has been instrumental in providing language barrier solutions to many clients. John’s innovative strategies in promoting LanguageLoop solutions have significantly contributed to our growth. His commitment to excellence and accountability shines through in his approach to nurturing client relationships. John’s dedication to ‘Turning Words into Possibilities’ exemplifies our goal of facilitating full and equal participation for all in Australian society.


Jeanette Feng

Jeanette is the linchpin in managing our financial strategy and operations with unparalleled proficiency.

Her expertise in financial planning and analysis has been crucial in supporting LanguageLoop’s mission of providing top-tier professional interpreting and translation services. Jeanette’s acute financial acumen ensures the seamless integration of our certified interpreting and translation services with sound fiscal management, contributing significantly to our sustainable growth and stability. Her dedication to transparency and accountability is evident in her approach to handling budgets, forecasts, and financial reporting, ensuring the highest standards of financial integrity.

Jeanette’s commitment to excellence and innovation in financial management strengthens our operational capabilities and aligns perfectly with our vision of an inclusive and linguistically diverse Australian society.



Rodney D'Costa

Rodney plays a pivotal role in shaping and representing our workforce.

His expertise in recruiting top-tier talent for professional interpreting and translation services has been fundamental to our success. Rodney’s keen eye for identifying individuals who not only have exceptional linguistic skills but also embody our values of respect, collaboration, and innovation, has enriched our team with diverse and skilled professionals. His approach to recruitment is deeply rooted in understanding the nuances of multilingual customer service, ensuring that each new member brings a wealth of knowledge and cultural sensitivity to their role.

Under his guidance, our team of certified interpreters and translators has grown, each member adept in providing tailored language support. Rodney’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in recruitment has significantly contributed to our mission of breaking language barriers and fostering equitable communication in all aspects of Australian society.


Jennifer Hayes

Jennifer is a cornerstone in our commitment to developing and implementing comprehensive training programs and is vital in enhancing our communications.

Jennifer’s expertise in adult learning and communication theories has significantly improved our team’s skills. She crafts engaging, culturally sensitive training modules that refine our team’s technical abilities and emphasise the importance of empathy and understanding in cross-cultural communication. Her innovative approach to learning ensures that our certified interpreters and translators are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and best practices. Jennifer’s dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement aligns seamlessly with our values of respect, transparency, and collaboration.

Asad Mobani


Asad Mobani

Asad plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our language services not only meet but exceed client expectations.

With a background rich in cross-cultural communication and client management, Asad brings a unique perspective to our team. His approach to client relations is rooted in a deep understanding of diverse cultural nuances, which is crucial in the realm of language services. He is known for his ability to listen attentively, understand client needs, and provide tailored solutions that align with their specific requirements. He ensures that every aspect of client interaction is handled with the utmost professionalism and cultural sensitivity.

Asad’s goal is to make every client partnership a success story, embodying LanguageLoop’s vision of turning words into possibilities and fostering an environment where language is no barrier to effective communication and collaboration.


Phil Ridout

Phil’s goal is to make every interaction with LanguageLoop a positive and productive experience, turning words into possibilities for all our clients.

Phil Ridout stands at the forefront of LanguageLoop’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. As our Customer Service Lead, Phil brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the importance of effective communication in a multilingual landscape.

Under Phil’s guidance, our customer service team excels in managing our professional interpreting services, ensuring real-time interpretation that is both efficient and empathetic. He has been instrumental in developing bilingual customer support strategies that cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Leadership Team (1)


Julie Paxton

Julie’s expertise and efficiency are pivotal in the smooth operation of our executive leadership team.

Julie’s unparalleled organisational skills are critical in facilitating clear and effective communication between the CEO, Board members, and various stakeholders, ensuring that LanguageLoop’s strategic objectives are pursued with excellence and integrity. Her ability to manage complex schedules, coordinate high-level meetings, and oversee confidential projects reflects her  commitment to professionalism. 

Julie’s contributions go beyond administrative support; she is a key liaison for LanguageLoop, embodying our values of transparency, respect, and collaboration in every interaction. Her dedication to fostering an environment of efficiency and accountability has made her an indispensable part of our mission to turn words into possibilities for speakers of all languages across Australia.

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LanguageLoop acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea, and community.  We pay our respect to their Elders, past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

We work on the lands of the Kulin Nation in Naarm.