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Acknowledgement of Country now translated

LanguageLoop is extremely proud to provide the Acknowledgement of Country in Victoria’s top 35 languages.

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Language Matters

Learn more about the benefits of communicating with your customers in their preferred language by downloading our whitepaper into multilingual customer buying habits.

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As Australia’s leading full service language provider for over 40 years, we enable you to speak and engage with your customers in any language, anytime, across any platform.

We give you the ability to speak to customers in any language, anywhere, any time

Trust that builds loyalty

Sharing a language builds trust and with trust comes loyalty. That’s why leading businesses and government bodies choose to partner with us.

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Working with the community

“Our team greatly benefits from accessing LanguageLoop’s Indigenous interpreters. This service allows us to connect and relay important information to customers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to use our services.”

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Trusted by Australia’s state and federal governments

Words have the power to unite and connect people across boundaries. They lead to greater understanding, better experiences and more opportunities for everyone.

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Language Matters,
so we did the research

74% of multilingual Australians would be more loyal to an Australian business that could speak their own language.

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90% of customers would recommend a business that offered their customer services in multiple languages.