LanguageLoop’s Commitment to Cultural Inclusivity: Acknowledgement of Country in 49 Languages

Since November 2020, LanguageLoop has taken a significant step forward in promoting cultural inclusivity and respect in Australia. In an initiative that resonates deeply with our values and vision, we have translated the Acknowledgement of Country into 49 different languages. This initiative is not just about translation; it’s a powerful statement of respect and recognition of Australia’s First Nation People.

Honouring Traditional Owners Through Language

The Acknowledgement of Country is an important practice in Australia, paying respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original inhabitants and Traditional custodians of the land. LanguageLoop’s initiative to translate this acknowledgment into multiple languages reflects our commitment to cultural sensitivity and recognition of Australia’s rich linguistic diversity.

Breaking Language Barriers, Building Bridges

By making the Acknowledgement of Country accessible in 49 languages, LanguageLoop is bridging language barriers and fostering a deeper understanding and respect among diverse communities in Australia. This initiative helps non-English speakers, including migrants and international visitors, participate in this significant cultural practice, promoting inclusivity and mutual respect.

A Step Towards Inclusive Communication

LanguageLoop’s translation of the Acknowledgement of Country is a part of our broader mission to facilitate inclusive communication. It’s a testament to our commitment to ensuring that language is no barrier to understanding and respecting Australia’s cultural heritage. By providing these translations, we believe we are contributing to a more inclusive Australian society where intersecting forms of diversity are valued.

The Impact Since November 2020

Since the launch of this initiative in November 2020, the response from communities across Australia has been overwhelmingly positive. Organizations, educational institutions, and public events have widely adopted these translations, enhancing the cultural significance of their gatherings and events. It has allowed people from various linguistic backgrounds to connect with the country’s indigenous heritage in a language they understand, fostering a sense of belonging and respect for the land’s history.

Looking Ahead

At LanguageLoop, we are proud of this initiative and remain dedicated to continuing our efforts to break down language barriers and promote cultural understanding. As we move forward, we are committed to expanding our range of services to support and respect Australia’s diverse tapestry of cultures and languages.

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