Celebrating Cultural Diversity Week:  Our Shared Stories- Celebrating Together

The Inspiring Journey of Suzane Hanna

In the heart of Beirut, Lebanon, during the early 1980s, Suzane’s story began amidst the echoes of war. Raised in a city gripped by conflict, she learned the lessons of resilience and joy early in adversity. Today, Suzane reflects on these formative years as pivotal in shaping her into the strong and spirited individual she is now.

Despite pursuing a degree in Business Management, Suzane felt disconnected from her field of study. It wasn’t until she relocated to Australia in 2000 that a new path unfolded before her. Encouraged by her uncle, Suzane ventured into the world of interpreting, a decision that would redefine her life’s trajectory.

Embracing her adeptness in English, Suzane embarked on her interpreting career by completing her accreditation in Interpreting at RMIT University. The passion ignited in her heart was undeniable. She pursued further excellence by achieving her NAATI Certified Level in Interpreting, beginning a lifelong passion.

“I love my job!” Suzane exclaims, reflecting on her 12-year career in interpreting.  “Every morning, I wake up happy and excited to go out there to do new assignments and meet new people. What I love the most about my job is giving a voice to those who cannot speak English and letting them know that even though they don’t speak the language, they are heard.”

Suzane finds profound fulfilment in medical interpreting, where she aids in healthcare communication and continuously learns about health and wellness.

For Suzane, the essence of good interpreting lies in empathy—conveying not just words but also the emotions and intentions behind them. She believes in stepping into the shoes of both the non-English speaker and the professional, ensuring clarity and accuracy in every interaction.

The feedback from both parties in her assignments fuels her motivation. One memorable instance involved aiding a non-English speaking woman to share her experience with family violence, a breakthrough moment facilitated by Suzane’s interpreting. This experience, both moving and affirming, underscored the profound impact of her work.

Suzane emphasises the importance of continuous learning and skill development in interpreting. She advocates for engaging with diverse language resources and remaining curious and open to learning.

As we celebrate cultural Diversity Week, Suzane’s journey is a testament to the power of embracing diversity, the importance of language access, and the transformative role interpreters play in our society. Her story is a beacon of inspiration, illustrating how passion and dedication can turn challenges into opportunities for growth and impact.

Suzane’s commitment to excellence and unwavering support for individuals navigating language barriers reflect the essence of multicultural inclusion and empowerment. Through her work, Suzane turns words into possibilities, embodying the spirit of Cultural Diversity Week and reminding us of the richness of multiculturalism in our lives.

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