Integrating Translation into your Customer Engagement Strategy

If you are trying to connect with a multilingual audience, translation will inevitably play a huge role. You want to make sure your audience is sufficiently engaged and informed, without compromising on the style and tone of your brand. Sometimes you may need to adapt your content to suit your different audiences. When it comes to developing a powerful customer engagement strategy, having a professional Language Service Provider (LSP) with an established Quality Management System by your side is crucial.

Our Translation Process

At LanguageLoop, we have an expert team that identifies, measures, controls and constantly improves the quality of our translated content. We have established measures that integrate both quality assurance and quality control – an important distinction when you’re selecting your language services provider.

Quality assurance is a measure for building in quality before translation takes place. It’s a process of planning, documenting and agreeing on the steps and guidelines needed for ensuring quality. Quality control is a measure that usually happens after translation has taken place. It’s a process of checking a translation against an agreed set of standards to ensure it meets the expected level of quality.

  1. Source Content
    It all starts with the source. The quality of the source content affects the quality of the translation. If a source text is not clear, translators can easily misinterpret the meaning. Make sure you write clearly, and use standardised style guides and glossaries. Use plain English where possible and remove unnecessary jargon. At LanguageLoop, we analyse the source content to identify any potential issues before translation begins.
  2. Industry Expertise
    • Expert Translators
      Translators should be native speakers and be experienced in the area of specialisation. They should also understand what resources and tools are needed to do their work to the expected level of quality, have great research abilities and be able to clearly convey the message of the source content in a culturally appropriate way.
    • Qualified Project Coordinators
      A great Translation Project Coordinator will remove the pain of a multilingual translation project – scheduling translators and ensuring your project will be delivered within achievable deadlines at the expected quality. At LanguageLoop, our coordinators are experts in the industry. On every project, they brief our translators on the background, audience, intention and provide reference material to ensure best outcomes.
    • Design Specialists
      Any good LSP will have a design team who can expertly place translations into your design template without mixing up languages or fonts. At LanguageLoop, our design team is well accustomed to replicating the graphical layout of your original documents with expert attention to the particular linguistic features and layout requirements of any language. It’s also important to think about your design. A design that will work for an English-speaking audience may not work as well for speakers of other languages
  3. Quality Review
    The type of workflow you use for a translation project will depend on the project requirements, budget and timeframe. For difficult or sensitive projects, a review step should included in the workflow after translation. This is especially the case if you use multiple translators and need to ensure global consistency of translated content.
  4. Integrating Technology
    Translation memories, which are databases of previously approved translations, should be used where possible to ensure consistency. At LanguageLoop, the systems we use integrate translation memories, glossaries and quality assurance tools to ensure consistency and quality.

For more details on our Quality Translations and Projects click here. For any translation enquiries contact us here.

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