How to work with your Interpreter

Need some tips on how to work with interpreters? We’ve got you covered. We provide in depth ‘Working with interpreter’ training sessions to assist you and your staff during interpreting interactions. Our tailored training sessions will deepen your understanding of interpreting and improve your interactions with your multilingual customers.

We provide an in depth presentation covering all aspects of working with interpreters. Talking you through, step by step, how each of our interpreting services work. Our on-site, telephone and video interpreting solutions have distinct benefits so it’s important to know which solution will work for different situations.

Our training also covers the bookings procedure and how our on-demand Telephone Interpreting (TI) system can connect you with an interpreter in just 30 seconds. Here’s a quick example of the difference between our inbound and outbound TI solution.

As we offer such a variety of services, we can you and your staff with best practice interpreting principles to resolve your customer queries quickly and efficiently.

This specialised training can improve your interpreting interactions with your multilingual customers which will in-turn enhance their overall customer experience. Building trust and understanding with your clients when using interpreters takes skill and practice. There is no better way to learn than from our experts at LanguageLoop.