Catering for rare & emerging languages & dialects

Need a Chin Zomi interpreter?

At LanguageLoop, we work with Australia’s leading government and commercial institutions to help them reach unparalleled levels of customer service through our interpreting and translation services. With industries across Australia adapting to existing and new social distancing regulations, our wide range of interpreting and translation solutions help businesses of all sizes connect with their culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) customers no matter what language they speak.

With new and emerging languages gaining momentum across Australia we’re receiving a number of requests for various Chin dialects. In fact, one school in Vermont South requested a Chin Zomi interpreter during lockdown. While this dialect is hard to source, we were able to service this language, and its specific dialect, to help parents and their children overcome the language barrier.

“We have many multilingual students at our school so it’s important we can communicate with the parents of our CALD students in their preferred language,” A Teacher from Vermont South said

“LanguageLoop were really helpful providing a Chin Zomi interpreter to help our parents take an active role in their child’s education.”

The extensive range of languages we are able to service ensures we can quickly cater for even the most rare and emerging languages and dialects spoken across Australia.