LanguageLoop launches new look for 2021

At LanguageLoop, we always strive to improve our services, ensuring we connect people through language so they can live life without limits and access the services they need.

Over the past year, we’ve listened to our clients on how we can enhance our services and help them overcome some of the obstacles they’ve encountered during the pandemic. Therefore we’ve updated our website to showcase our breadth of services, ensuring our clients can connect with their customers in any language, anytime, across any platform.

“Our new website highlights the endless value of creating a seamless customer experience for all Australians, no matter the language they speak,” Elizabeth Compton, CEO of LanguageLoop said.

“It not only aligns with our mission to connect people through language so they can live life without limits and access services they need; it showcases our breadth of services—touching every stage of the customer journey.”

With 21% of Australians speaking a language other than English at home, COVID-19 highlighted the importance of effectively communicating to all Australians.

“As Australia’s leading language service provider, we strive to provide equal access for Australia’s multicultural communities and non-English speakers,” Ms Compton said.

“Our in-person, telephone and video interpreting services, coupled with our translation and digital solutions ensures multilingual Australians receive the same level of service as English speaking Australians.”

With 90% of multilingual Australians recommending a business that offered their services in multiple languages, LanguageLoop’s new website highlights how easy it is for businesses across Australia to implement language services across their business.