Supporting remote learning with Telephone Interpreting

LanguageLoop’s Telephone interpreting (TI) service is a quick and easy way for schools to communicate with their non-English speaking students and families, 24/7. At the touch of a button schools can access over 3,000 interpreters across 180+ languages, including indigenous languages.

Recently the Department of Education and Training partnered with LanguageLoop to roll out a fully funded TI solution, enabling non-English speaking parents to connect with their child’s school with an interpreter already on the line, encouraging parents to be more engaged with their child’s education.

“We’re able to engage the parents and carers of our students more purposefully through LanguageLoop’s interpreting services,” Allison from Mildura English Language Centre said.

“Their telephone interpreting service is increasing overall engagement with schools and empowering parents and carers to advocate for their children.”

LanguageLoop’s TI solution has been extremely useful for those culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) parents concerned about their child’s virtual education throughout COVID-19. With more schools using our TI service during 2020, we saw Arabic maintain its position as the most popular TI language, and saw increasing requests for Chin dialects, including Chin Hakha, Chin Zomi/Zo and Chin Falam.

How does our TI service work?

We provide a dedicated TI number for non-English speaking families to call, select their language and connect to the school with an interpreter on the line. This TI number will read out the language menu to the CALD family member in their own native language, enabling them to connect directly to an interpreter themselves before connecting to your school.

If the non-English speaker’s desired language is not on the menu, our Customer Service Team will connect them directly to an interpreter in their desired language before connecting to the school, making it extremely easy for the non-English speaker to communicate with their child’s teacher, the faculty or the principal.

Our TI service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing schools to:

  • Connect to an interpreter in their top languages within 30 seconds;
  • Create pre-recorded messages in multiple languages for their CALD families; and
  • Connect to over 3,000 NAATI certified interpreters speaking over 180 languages.

About LanguageLoop’s Telephone Interpreting Services
Our network of over 3,000 professional interpreters, speaking over 180 languages gives you the opportunity to connect to your customers in any language, anywhere, anytime. In just 30 seconds we can seamlessly connect your customers and contact centre with a professional interpreter over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information please click here.

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