The busy life of Somali Translator, Omar Farah

Omar Farah has been working with LanguageLoop as a certified Somali interpreter since 1992 and has been translating for us since 1997. During this time, Omar has translated a range of different text types across some of our key clients and is also the voice of many of our multilingual information line recordings in Somali, ensuring that Somali-speaking Australians have access to critical information in their language across multiple channels.

Specialising in medical, immigration, transport and legal matters, Omar has seen first-hand how important his work has been.

“Doctors, lawyers and police officers all rely on interpreters and translators to provide accurate translations to explain the issues in question,” Omar said.

“Without interpreters and translators, these essential services would not be able to resolve their client’s issues.”

Omar embraced our new Translation Management System when it was rolled out earlier this year, and with the training and support of the Translations Team, very quickly got up to speed on all of the functions and benefits of the new system.

“I’ve been working in the industry for over 20 years, and while the industry hasn’t changed that much, LanguageLoop’s new technology has simplified many issues,” Omar said.

“Their new software streamlines the translation process helping us meet urgent client deadlines.”

In recent months, Omar has also played a pivotal role in the translation of critical public health information, working weekends and late into the night to ensure this important information could be accessible to communities at critical times during the COVID pandemic.

“I became an interpreter because I like being challenged and assisting those in need,” Omar said.

“The translations I worked on for COVID were extremely challenging as they were always urgent and often needed to be delivered in a few hours or a few days.”

Omar is well respected by LanguageLoop’s Translation Team who often mention the pride he takes in his work and his good humour when they speak by phone.

“We’ve nominated Omar for our Translator of the Month as his responsiveness and professionalism throughout COVID has been outstanding,” LanguageLoop’s National Translations Manager, Claire Mullins, said.

“There are often tight turnarounds in our line of work, and while it’s rare to have a quiet moment, Omar’s accurate translations and proactive attitude ensures we complete projects on time to the highest quality.”

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