Our Industry Innovation Fund

As the leading language service provider in Australia, we are at the forefront of identifying innovative ways to improve the industry and redefine what’s possible in language services.

Our Research & Innovation Program aims to:

  • Identify and adopt new practices that benefit the Australian language services industry;
  • Develop new training or skills development initiatives and human resource practices that benefit Australia’s language services industry; and
  • Create new ways to deliver language services leveraging the latest in technology.

Our 2020 Winners

Submissions for our Innovation Program were so strong that we increased the funding pool from $50k to $150k, to be shared across four projects for two years.

Our Innovation program winners were;

1. Monash University – developing a contextualised, immersive and interactive Virtual Reality training program so that interpreters will be better prepared to deal with complex and unexpected situations in very challenging Family Violence settings.

2. RMIT – researching the benefits of simultaneous interpreting in courts and tribunals. Our second project with RMIT is researching the benefits of a courts mentoring program for interpreters working with new and emerging languages.

3. The University of Queensland – researching the quality of telephone interpreting interactions and developing best practice guidelines for interpreters using this service. These guidelines will be an Australian-first, improving the quality of telephone interpreting services right across Australia.

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Our Industry Innovation Fund will re-open March 2024.

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