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Kerime Cokelek

Kerime Cokelek’s Story

Kerime Cokelek was born in the city of Alaca in Turkey and migrated to Australia with her parents and three siblings in 1970, when she was 9 years old. Initially her family had planned to live and work in Australia for two years to save money, before returning to Turkey to buy a family home. However Kerime and her family…
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Meet Macy Azar

When Macy migrated from Iran to Australia in 2011, she arrived as a skilled migrant with a successful career working as a metallurgy engineer.  Born in Iran’s capital, Tehran, she lived and worked in the cosmopolitan city until the decision was made to move to Australia with her family.  Soon after settling into her new life, she found a job…
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Introducing Kha Tran

Kha Tran was just 12 years old when he and his father left Vietnam on a 5 day and 5 night boat trip, leaving behind his mother and four siblings. His father had been a journalist before the fall of Saigon, and was forced to leave due to persecutions directed to people who had any connection with the former government.…
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