People Project

Meet Dolly Srour

  Dolly was born in Beirut, Lebanon and has been a leading Arabic interpreter at LanguageLoop for the past 3 years, specialising in working in early childhood and development services. Dolly came to be an interpreter through volunteering with the Hume City Council, facilitating art classes and helping out by interpreting for different groups within the community. Through this volunteer…
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Meryem Doydu’s Story

  Meryem was born in Turkey, however has lived most of her life in Australia, making her home and raising a family in Mildura where she has been working as an interpreter for LanguageLoop for the past 15 years. When Meryem’s family first arrived in Australia they lived in a migrant hostel in Villawood NSW with other Turkish families who…
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Suzane Hanna’s Story

Suzane was born in the early 1980s in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. She lived there with her parents during a period of time when Lebanon was at war, which Suzane recalls  during her early childhood until she was around 9 years old. Even though these were terrible times, on reflection Suzane feels the situation played a big role in…
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