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Fair Dinkum Slang Confusing Overseas Cobbers

IN THE NEWS – Following on from the Herald Sun article, listen to the fantastic FIVEaa Alan Hickey radio interview – “Fair Dinkum Slang Confusing Overseas Cobbers” with our CEO Elizabeth Compton here. “For migrants whose second language is English, Aussie slang can be very confronting. Alan Hickey spoke with Elizabeth Compton (CEO – LanguageLoop) about some of the terms…
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Aussie Slang Can Prove A Fair Drinkum Drag For Migrants.

IN THE NEWS – A poll of nearly 3000 new Australians has revealed the most amusing and misunderstood Aussie sayings. “G’day” topped the list with ­migrants sometimes misinterpreting the true blue greeting as “God Day”, “get aye” and even “get hay”. “Mate”, “good on ya”, “how ya going?”, “she’ll be right”, “bloody oath” and “fair dinkum” — frequently heard as…
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Boom In Interpreters For Parent-Teacher Meetings At Victorian Schools

IN THE NEWS – The use of interpreters to translate parent-teacher interviews, student enrolment meetings and information nights is on the rise across the state. Schools are employing thousands of interpreters to translate parent-teacher interviews. The number of contractors employed to interpret for parents in schools has exploded by 40 per cent in just five years. Data from LanguageLoop, the…
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