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Website Translation – Localisation matters

FoodSmart is an online food safety program developed by the Department of Health and…
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What’s your post-COVID recovery strategy?

As Australia heads into its first recession for almost three decades, organisations are now…
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Integrating Translation into your Customer Engagement Strategy

If you are trying to connect with a multilingual audience, translation will inevitably play…
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At LanguageLoop, we recognise the value of keeping people connected. It’s why we work each day to bring people together with the businesses that service them.

We want to give people the freedom to live life without limits, with access to the everyday services that make it possible.

In 180+ languages with remote and onsite services, we help others when it matters. In the most challenging life circumstances or simply with phone access to reach loved ones, language is the link to it all. We’re connecting people, to enable lives.