Introducing Mary Manfre, our new dedicated Account Manager

Mary Manfre joined our Customer Success Team in March this year to support our growing client base. With over a decade working in strategic customer solutions, Mary brings her own enthusiasm, drive and passion for the industry.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know our customers and how they are engaging with their multilingual customers,” Ms Manfre said.

“Although I was born here, I saw my parents struggle quite regularly with daily tasks when I was growing up, so I’m really proud to be a part of LanguageLoop and the work we’re doing to support multilingual communities.”

Previously at Equifax, Mary’s driven attitude and extensive customer solution experience will be an amazing asset to our growing business.

“The majority of the connections my family made were with others that spoke their language, so I’m here to help businesses understand the countless opportunities language services provide and support them through their language service journey,” Ms Manfre said.

I’m here to help businesses identify their top languages, implement their personalised telephone interpreting line and even translate their marketing materials – there’s so much opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers and I’m here to help them overcome that language barrier.”

Although fluent in Italian, Mary’s last name is French, a language she’s always wanted to learn.

“I can speak, read and write Italian fluently but French has always been on my list of languages to learn,” Ms Manfre said.

“I’m really looking forward to understanding our clients and their business so we can support them and their multilingual customers as much as possible, but I’m also looking forward to learning some French along the way.”