New & emerging languages on the rise across Australia

With over 300 languages currently spoken across Australia, LanguageLoop, Australia’s leading language service provider, has seen a significant shift in language requests over the past few years. Recently, we’ve seen an increasing demand for African languages, as African migrants are now the 7th largest immigrant population in Australia (ABS Demographic report 2019).

As many of these new and emerging languages are not yet available for testing through NAATI (the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters), LanguageLoop has rolled out a new training program to ensure a consistent quality level of service across all languages.

We’ve been working with numerous industry experts to develop a new training module for interpreters across these new and emerging languages as they now make up 30% of the languages we service.

Our Guide to Community Interpreting Program will assist interpreters working across these emerging languages, ensuring they are professionally trained as an interpreter, enabling them to provide the best possible service to non-English speakers throughout our multicultural communities. Some of these new and emerging languages include Acholi, Anuak and Chewa, which are mostly located in east and south-east Africa.

This professional development training will focus strongly on the professional aspects of interpreting in addition to the AUSIT Code of Ethics and managing ethical dilemmas.

All our interpreters, where NAATI certification is not available, will be able to access our Guide to Community Interpreting Training this year. If you are not yet an interpreter with us, contact us below to join our growing network of language professionals and gain access to our professional development courses.