Understanding your multilingual customers better through data driven insights

With 49% of Australians either born overseas or have a parent born overseas, understanding your customers is key. As consumer data continues to drive marketing strategies across the globe, it’s crucial businesses are capturing all the information available to them. Here at LanguageLoop, you can access real time data on your interpreting calls through our online PowerBI dashboard.

“LanguageLoop’s PowerBI Dashboard has played a key part in tracking and monitoring IAG’s interpreter call data,” Ernie from IAG said.

“It provides high level call data including average handling time, interaction duration, how many calls taken and a total dollar amount spent which helps track costs and finances as a business.”

Our PowerBI dashboard provides our clients with substantial insights to drive continuous improvement and currently is the most advanced reporting tool across the language service industry.

“The Power BI dashboard was a great solution for Energy Australia,” Steve from Energy Australia said.

“Access could be provided to myself and a finance colleague. This allowed us to do account reconciliation but also analysis on interpreter demand especially around any of our marketing campaigns and call volume spikes.”

With many of our clients being first time users of this platform, they’ve each raved about the platforms functionality and useability.

“LanguageLoop’s PowerBI dashboard is simple, yet contains a lot of information,” Rob from South East Water said.

“It is a very user friendly report and displays all the key metrics we need to assist in making critical decisions around our service offerings.”