LanguageLoop welcomes Draga Jevtic to the Board

Draga joins LanguageLoop’s Board of Directors at a time of significant change. With COVID-19 pushing all businesses to pivot and adapt to challenging new circumstances, Draga brings a wealth of knowledge in driving transformational change across commercial and large organisational environments.

With over 25 years’ experience in organisational psychology, Draga’s proven track record in governance, strategy and leadership will be critical in driving productivity and engagement across LanguageLoop’s large contractor workforce of over 3,000 language professionals.

As LanguageLoop continues its digital transformation, we are not only adapting our services to meet client demand, we are also leveraging the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)—offering our clients and their non-English speaking customers self-service options such as translated web content and multilingual chatbots. Therefore, Draga’s significant experience in elevating productivity, margins, morale and well-being across various commercial organisations will be instrumental in driving efficiencies across the business.

Bilingual herself, Draga speaks Serbian and is extremely passionate about fairness and equality.

“I have a passion for, and experience in, working with marginalised populations including those from non-English speaking backgrounds,” Draga said.

“As a migrant, I grew up in a non-English speaking home, and have always actively engaged with migrant communities both professionally and personally. Therefore I have a deep appreciation of the challenges faced by these communities and being a part of LanguageLoop’s Board of Directors is just another way for me to give back to non-English speaking communities.”

We look forward to Draga’s strategic insights as LanguageLoop takes its next steps.