Celebrating International Translation Day: Turning Words Into Possibilities

Every year on September 30th, we celebrate International Translation Day to mark the vital role translation plays in bridging the communication gap within our dynamic and culturally diverse communities.

In an era of advanced globalisation, translation has never been more essential for borderless social and economic development, and harmonious cultural diversity. LanguageLoop is extremely proud of the work our accomplished network of translators conducts on behalf of our hundreds of clients each year. Today is not only an opportunity to recognise and thank our translators but also to raise public awareness about how translation can help turn words in to possibilities, and embed translation as a central part of how businesses engage with their customers.  

Language is a means of communicating thoughts and ideas, but it also represents social identity and connectivity, and is a crucial catalyst for prosperity and growth. In addition to our ongoing work with our Government clients, LanguageLoop is increasingly working with large corporate enterprises to ensure that translation is not seen just as a reactive requirement, but as an essential part of engaging with customers. Language is critical to how businesses connect and thrive. With constant changes to Australia’s demographic, we recognise that businesses need to be prepared to service the increasing volume of both established and emerging languages.

This year, the United Nation’s has recognised 2019 as ‘The International Year of Indigenous Languages, and this is also the theme of this year’s International Translation Day. LanguageLoop is proud to be in a position to offer Indigenous language options through our telephone interpreting solution, and we are increasingly working with clients to offer Indigenous translation services also. Our recent Indigenous Culture Training Day for LanguageLoop staff supported our commitment to raising awareness of Australian Indigenous languages, as well as the links between language, cultural identity, development and reconciliation. We welcomed new guidelines recommended by the Royal Commission to improve access for Indigenous communities to financial services through improved language services, and are continuing to have promising discussions with many of our commercial clients.

ABS Census data shows that twenty one per cent of our population, which equates to over five million people, speak a language other than English at home. Australia is more diverse than almost any other country in the world, with a higher proportion of overseas-born residents than the US (14%), Canada (22%), New Zealand (23%) and the UK (13%). We hope that today’s International Translation Day encourages everyone to reflect on the importance of language services, recognise the value of our translators and join us in celebrating the beauty and possibilities of language.