Celebrations at our End of Year contractor party

It is an under-represented fact that the delivery of language services across the Multicultural Community depends, more than anything else, on the dedication and commitment to service excellence by the interpreters and translators who take pride in delivering life changing services.

That is why each year the LanguageLoop team host an exclusive function for our contractors, to show our appreciation and meet with the people who are instrumental in making our vision a reality across Australia.

On 28 November, LanguageLoop staff came together with over 250 contractors in Melbourne to celebrate the year’s achievements. Through the evening, members of the LanguageLoop board and CEO Elizabeth Compton delivered speeches in recognition of the achievements and impact upon people’s lives made possible by our cohort of interpreters and translators across the country, some 2500 strong.

The night was full of laughter and flowing conversation. It was fascinating to watch some of our contractors meet LanguageLoop staff for the first time, especially members of the bookings team, who previously had spoken only over the phone or via email.

We had a fantastic evening sharing in the experiences and stories our interpreters and translators have created over the year, and really getting to know more about the people powering LanguageLoop at its very core.

By the close of the evening, after a fantastic celebration of the year’s achievements, LanguageLoop staff and contractors parted ways, wishing each other a happy holiday and a successful 2019.