In the press: Breaking down barriers through language services

Our very own CEO Elizabeth Compton features in September’s issue of the CEO Magazine, reaching over 100,000 readers each month and receiving 50,000+ monthly unique website visitors.

In this feature article, Elizabeth explains the critical role LanguageLoop plays in giving people a voice.

Every year, we help over 500,000 non-English speakers by providing interpreters in settings such as schools, courts, hospitals and by telephone and video. Over 2,500 interprets and translators give people a voice and allow them to participate in society.

We are continuously pushing forward and delivering our services in new and innovative ways.

With new services like VideoLoop, Australia’s first mobile app and web-based, on-demand video interpreting service, we can communicate in 160 languages 24/7 at the touch of a button.

Given our diverse geography, this service can reach people living anywhere in the country so they can live life without limits.

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