Meet Ivy Baojin ZHAI

Ivy Baojin
was introduced to the profession of interpretation from a young age, with both her parents working alongside Russian speaking clients and interpreters to assist in their wholesale and retail business for many years.

Born in the port city of Tianjin in China, Ivy made the move to Australia in 2009 with her family, and started a casual job as a payroll officer. She was soon drawn to the idea of become a professional interpreter through some encouragement from her workmates, and after remembering the way her parents were able to help others in crucial moments by assisting with communication.

She obtained her language accreditation and seven years on, she has never looked back.“Being an interpreter is about understanding and bridging the cultural gaps” she says.

Ivy loves meeting so many nice people through her role, with the added bonus of expanding her vocabulary and learning something new every day, which she finds personally rewarding. Getting positive feedback from clients also provides a lot of satisfaction.

“I remember the first time I received an official compliment letter from a client – I was elated that they were happy about my service, and I had a wonderful time with them too”.

Passion, enthusiasm, and resilience are some of the key traits Ivy believes make a good interpreter, along with the ability to embrace different challenges, from time management to difficult client situations.

“Some situations can be quite challenging to work in, even after having worked as interpreter for seven years” says Ivy. “However having a positive mindset is useful, and knowing that you are helping people is very fulfilling.”

Her top tip for anyone working with an interpreter is to pause regularly to allow the time for interpreters to do the interpreting more accurately.

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