Interpreting services you can bank on

We are proud to welcome Westpac ‘into the loop’ with our leading interpreting services for their national contact centres.

Westpac is looking to lead the Australian banking sector in providing their services to a more diverse customer base, signing an exclusive partnership agreement with VITS LanguageLoop.

Customers are now able to contact any Westpac branch over the phone and communicate with their employees in over 160 languages, allowing them to access financial services and support in ways which were not available across the banking sector before.

This service will also be available across Westpac’s subsidiaries St. George bank, the Bank of South Australia and the Bank of Melbourne.

Historically, Non-English speaking communities in Australia have had limited access to English language support and translation when looking to access services, including financial advice.

Some businesses have provided limited accessibility through websites and brochures in alternate languages, but Westpac and LanguageLoop have committed to creating a full service experience, free from restriction or limitation to Non-English speaking customers.

The move coincides with Westpac’s 200th anniversary celebrations, as the company looks to increase their investment in Australian business, research, education and local industry.

The addition of greater accessibility and communication between the bank and customers will expand the impact of Westpac’s community initiatives and bring greater benefit to Australia’s multicultural community, and allow them to also participate in Westpac’s community programs.

To learn more about how LanguageLoop can support your business, contact us at (03) 9280 1941 or email