VITS is bringing new opportunities to Multicultural Australia

VITS is bringing new opportunities to Multicultural Australia

MELBOURNE, Victoria, August 21st 2017:

The Victorian Interpreting and Translation Service (VITS) has moved into a new head office located at 607 Bourke St, supporting plans to expand their translation and interpreting services to provide increased assistance to a national audience.

Results of the 2016 Census show that Australia has grown into one of the most diverse cultures in the world. Today, more than 21 per cent of Australians speak a language other than English at home, and there has been a 154% increase over 10 years in the number of Non-English speakers. We truly are a ‘nation of nations’

As a result, there is a rapidly increasing need to provide support across language services around the country. VITS serves as a leader to give people a voice, and the agency to make the most of opportunities. VITS works to lessen the limits for Non-English speaking Australians to enable them to take part in society.

Elizabeth Compton, CEO of the Victorian Interpreting and Translation Service, said “Each and every day, we see the impact language makes, allowing people to live life without limits and opening doors for organisations and businesses to speak in any language, and reach any customer. When all people living in Australia are able to reach any service or business anytime in any language, then we have succeeded in our mission.

To date, VITS has been providing assistance to national commercial clients, federal and state government departments and agencies, community health and education providers to name just a few. Their customer base is growing as more business and governments realise the importance of extending their reach into all corners of our growing global population.

This is only the beginning of a wealth of changes cementing VITS as the leader in language services, connecting more people in Australia than ever before. Stay in the loop on our social media channels for further announcements.

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